Plymouth West Property Information

  Address:  240 Chestnut Ave., Long Beach, California
  Units:  196
  Resident Population:  Senior Citizens
  Rehabilitation Budget:  $XX Million
  Affordable Housing Agreement:  LIHTC Section 42
  Year Property Management with LOMCO Started:  1991

Plymouth West was purchased in 2004 from the United Church of Christ which was adjacent to the property and originally developed to house the elder parishioners of the church. The eleven story tower was developed in 1972 and has required a great deal of modernization since LOMCO acquired with bonds and tax credits almost 10 years ago.  Take a look at the modernization project photos below to see the before and after photos of the building. Plymouth is located in downtown Long Beach adjacent to the new courthouse and walking distance from Pine Avenue where the City has invested in retail to compliment the many hotels in the neighborhood. LOMCO and the church developed a relationship whereby LOMCO went on to purchase other property owned by the Church on West 5th and West 6th streets in Long Beach.

Plymouth West Modernization Photos

John C.
Plymouth West Resident
"As a relatively new resident of Plymouth West, since January 2013, I am delighted with my new home! From move-in to the present, staff has been helpful and cooperative. When minor repairs to my studio were needed, they were handled promptly and efficiently. Since moving in, the building has been repainted and construction has provided us with an upgraded entrance and lobby with comfortable new furnishings. Social events, such as the Monday morning coffee, contribute to residents quality of life and the 11th floor facilities provide for all-around healthy living, exercise, and entertainment."

Jim G.
Plymouth West Resident
"Thank you for asking me to comment on the enhanced look of the lobby area. In my opinion, the staff and management have done an excellent job in reflecting the diversity and vitality of the residents in the new look of the lobby. The tile work has a very modern and “forward” look to it as do the paintings. The growing pains have been alleviated by the outcome! Once again, thank you!"

Liz S.
Plymouth West Resident
"Congratulations Lomco! Spear-headed by Weston and Crew, you have brought us, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century- Well Done!"

Jack A.
Plymouth West Resident
"Thank for asking for a quotation representing remodeling. I am impressed by the result, aesthetically, and otherwise, in cooperation in this seemingly monumental task! Sitting in front of the building, I am surprised by similar impressions from passers-by who live in nearby buildings."

Sheila T-B.
Plymouth West Resident
"The exterior is modern and gives a great introduction to the building. The lobby is open, fresh, and inviting. The service area remake looks professional and shows a concern for resident privacy in handling of information. Kudos to all."

Janice Webster
Plymouth West Resident
"Very pleased with the updated exterior and interior to the building. The lobby is rich and pleasing to the eye."

Ken K.
Plymouth West Resident
"The building looks great. The crew that did the work did it pretty fast for the amount of work they had to do. I have been here 5 ½ years and the building never looked so good."

Mona P.
Plymouth West Resident
"Plymouth West’s new face lift has made me feel happy and proud to call this my home. Thank you all who were involved in this beautiful transformation."

Irma V.
Plymouth West Resident
"The remodeled lobby has modern light fixtures with new colors on walls and flooring. Wall panels are back lit creating warmth in several seating areas with modern furniture that provides comfort and enjoyment for all. The building’s exterior has been treated with several colors updating it to join the new look of the neighborhood. Modern signage at the entry invites you to visit Plymouth West."