Providence Gardens Property Information

  Address:  1011 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, California
  Units:  200
  Resident Population:  Senior Citizens
  Rehabilitation Budget:  $5 Million
  Affordable Housing Agreement:  LIHTC Section 42
  Year Property Management with LOMCO Started:  1975

Originally developed by Leroy Doty as Baptist Gardens for a faith based nonprofit, LOMCO acquired and renamed this 200 unit property in Long Beach as Providence Gardens.   Providence Gardens was the first modernization by LOMCO that utilized the hospitality design concept, which focused on gerontology for new furniture designs in the common area.  In addition to the design concept improvements, the Resident Service Coordination program has also provided tangible improvements to the property’s environment.  The Service Coordinator at the building has been able to substantially impact the socialization of the residents with the new Community room with events such as Wii bowling tournaments and visits by the mobile In and Out truck.  The acquisition of Providence fulfilled one of LOMCO’s longest relationship with a nonprofit Board of Directors lasting 35 years including several generations of family members and in 2012 Providence Gardens was recognized as LOMCO’s property of the year.

Providence Gardens Modernization Photos