Community Garden Towers Property Information

  Address:  3919 & 4001 W. Garden Grove Blvd., Orange, California
  Units:  333
  Resident Population:  Senior Citizens
  Rehabilitation Budget:  $3 Million
  Affordable Housing Agreement:  LIHTC Section 42
  Year Property Management with LOMCO Started:  1976

Community Garden Towers were originally purchased from the Crystal Cathedral in 2001 and was the second acquisition for LOMCO. The property was acquired using bonds and tax credits with an original rehabilitation budget of $3 million. Since this time, we have invested an additional $2 million to upgrade elevators, HVAC, Fire Life Safety and modernize the building. The Building has two Resident Services Coordinators, is located next to transportation, has a long list of health, wellness and socialization programs and remains at 99% occupancy or better year round.