Normand Lavoie was born and raised in Fall Rivers, MA, where he met the love of his life, Mary. After getting married at 19 their family quickly grew to include a son. With the responsibilities of a young family, he moved to Bridgeport, CT in search of employment opportunities and ended up staying there as his family continued to grow. In 1978, Normand moved his wife and three sons to the sunny beaches of California to be near family. They put down roots in Fountain Valley and Normand quickly found work in a variety of fields including manufacturing, shipping and receiving.

After retiring in 1995, Normand and Mary moved to Huntington Gardens but having lived his life working hard for his family, Normand found that he missed the challenges of working and he decided to go back to work as a Maintenance Assistant at Huntington Gardens with the specific goal of working to keep his community beautiful.

Unfortunately, Normand lost his lovely Mary in 2000. After her passing, Norman continued to work at Huntington Gardens for 2 more years, retiring for the second time in 2002.

Normand regularly volunteers his time distributing our monthly newsletters and making the coffee for our resident gatherings.  When asked what he likes best about living in Huntington Gardens, Normand is quick to note the variety of activities and trips that are available to residents. A very close second is the ocean view from his apartment balcony! Like most residents, Normand appreciates having a Service Coordinator on site to assist with resident needs, and lend an ear during difficult times.

Normand Lavoie is the modern day senior success story! Hard work is in his DNA. Normand has had several careers and worked in a physically demanding job until the age of 70. In the years since Norman officially “retired” he still has not let up on his fast pace.

Thank you, Normand for your hard work over the past 18 years!