Pat Witt has the distinction of not only being the oldest resident at Long Beach CityView, but she has also lived here the longest 32 years.  She and her husband Harry arrived in 1981.  After just two months they took on the responsibilities of the emergency on-call staff.  They handled simple emergency repairs, answered the phones, locked the doors and even called the paramedics if needed.  It was a great way to get to know everyone and know everyone she does.

“When Harry died in 1983 I felt I was lucky to be here, with a roof over my head and people who cared.  I’m proud of the fact that at 98 years old I still do my own laundry, cooking and baking AND I don’t use a cane or a walker!”

Over the years Pat volunteered as the Secretary and then President of the Resident Activities Association.   She also took care of friends and neighbors in the building, ferrying them to doctors’ appointments and shopping. “I’ve been in every doctor’s office in Long Beach.” Pat recalls. She has seen many changes at Brethren Manor, but still finds it the best place to be, “It is safe, my friends are here and it’s close to everything including my family.”