There are two things that Aaron is passionate about, volunteering and family history and it was family that led him to both.  “I would be a millionaire if I was paid for every hour I volunteered” says Aaron.  His grandparents and his Aunt Emma were the perfect role models.  After hearing Barbara Bush discussing Project Read, Aaron signed up to volunteer.  In 1999 with 25 years of volunteering he received Long Beach’s Volunteer of the Year.  “I sat right down and wrote a poem for my Aunt Emma”.

It was Aaron’s father who led him to genealogy.  Growing up he attended many family reunions on his mother’s side, but did not know his father or his family very well.  That started him on a quest to learn all that he could.  Having traced the Day family all the way back to the 1600’s Day decided to assist African Americans in tracing their roots.  He has authored 6 books on the subject and offered his time and energy through speaking engagements in public schools, churches and libraries.

“Long Beach Brethren Manor’s location is perfect for me” says Aaron as he makes plans for two more books.  “It is close to the bus, the train and it’s filled with such an array of friendly people from different backgrounds and cultures.”